Superannuation, SMSFs and the 2017-18 Federal Budget

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  1. LRBAs and related party leases: what you need to know

    LRBAs and related party leases: what you need to know

    A common strategy implemented by business clients is to buy a commercial property (usually the premises from which their business is run) via their SMSF and then lease this property back to the related party.  Borrowings are often used to finance the acquisition.  The complexity arises when the related party tenant wants to make changes or improvements to the property,... More Information

  2. Preparing for 30 June

    Preparing for 30 June

    With 30 June only 2 weeks away its time to make sure you have everything in order for the end of the financial year.  Here are our top tips to help: Make sure you have taken your minimum pension for the financial year, we have been busy reviewing all our funds to make sure you know where you're up to... More Information

  3. Divorce on the horizon?

    Aside from the emotional turmoil that a divorce brings to a family situation, there are an enormous range of financial issues to be worked through.  Here we breakdown the key issues from an SMSF perspective: 1. Despite the extent of breakdown in the marriage, the law is very explicit about the expectations of all Trustees to continue to “act in... More Information