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Graeme Carson

Graeme Carson

Start-up Fund Manager

Graeme's investing his own Super exactly how he'll be investing his clients, and saving thousands in tax along the way

Graeme Carson has spent 20 years researching and analyzing small – medium Australian companies looking for great investment opportunities. Most recently he was Head of Industrials Research for Patersons Securities and is now setting up his own Funds Management business. In partnership with another experienced portfolio manager, Dean, they will manage the Cyan C3G Fund, investing in high quality Australian companies.

Graeme and his wife Samantha are passionate about building financial security for their family, and equally passionate about aligning their own interests with those of the Cyan C3G investors.  Therefore they wanted to invest their own money, including their super, in the Fund. To execute the strategy they had to establish their own SMSF, only to discover they may not be able to invest their capital in the Fund because it is a Related Party investment.

With Greenlight’s help the issue is now resolved and Graeme is structuring his new business to ensure that:

1. Cyan Investment Management’s shareholder agreement doesn’t give Graeme more than 50% ownership in the business.

2. That any agreements or operational processes don’t give rise to Graeme having “effective control” of the company that manages the C3G Fund.

3. In the establishment phase of the C3G Fund, that any investment is timed in such a way to ensure the Fund is a widely held trust (in that it has more than 20 investors) holding at least 75% of the capital.

For Graeme and Samantha, Greenlight’s role has been to ensure they get the right advice upfront, and that the strategy is implemented effectively.  Equally, that any administrative headaches associated with running their own super fund are minimized.

Life is inundated with superannuation sales pitches – what’s cheaper, what’s more flexible.  It’s not until opportunity comes knocking that we need to think outside the square and seek the help of specialists.  Talk to Greenlight – we’re independent, SMSF experts who can navigate you through any complexity or fears you may have of taking the leap into your own SMSF.

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