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What does a Comfortable vs Modest Retirement Income Look Like?

This calculator will show you what the government has deemed to be a Modest or Comfortable level of income in Retirement, based purely on statistical averages across each state of Australia.  You can make your own judgement as to whether you will need more or less based on their assumptions.

Will my Super Savings be enough?

This Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) calculator provides a snapshot of what your income is likely to look like at retirement based on a range of assumptions.  It doesn’t consider non-super or business assets however.  You can change a number of the assumptions, and it does make good allowances for work breaks (such as Maternity Leave) or the desire to work part time.

Will my Super Savings be Enough (incorporates non-super assets and income)

This calculator is similar to above, though comes from the MTAA Industry Fund Website.  It is less flexible in relation to work breaks and part time work, but is more considerate of investment and business income and assets.

Super Contributions Optimiser

Use this calculator to assess the impact of Salary Sacrifice or after-tax contributions.

Super vs Mortgage Calculator

Pay off your Mortgage or Contribute to Super?  The numbers often show it is best to contribute to Super and than pay off the mortgage once you can access the funds tax free.  But it relies on the market working in your favour.  Many people hedge their bets – what will you do?

Simple Tax Calculator

This ATO calculator will allow you to calculate your income tax, allowing for the tiered bands that your salary passes through

Budget Planner

If you are earning good money but don’t know where it’s going, a Budget Planner is the ultimate “accountability tool.  Also try this smartphone app to track your spending.

All calculators have been sourced from external providers and each have their own assumptions and disclaimers in relation to their use.  They are designed to be very general in nature and should only be used as a guide.