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  1. SMSF Members are Happy Little Vegemites

    SMSF Members are Happy Little Vegemites

    According to the latest Roy Morgan Research, SMSF Members are nearly 30% happier than their Retail Superannuation and Industry Fund counterparts.  Here’s why we think the “Satisfaction Rating” of 75.6% isn’t so surprising: Control beats denial when it comes to feeling comfortable, even if the responsibility comes with some early uneasiness. And once Trustees are on their feet, they can... More Information

  2. New ATO Penalties mean more likely cash fines!

    New ATO Penalties mean more likely cash fines!

    Historically, the ATO only had extremely harsh penalties in the form of Trustee Disqualification, or rendering a Fund Non-Compliant and imposing the loss of all tax benefits.  Because the “time” far outweighed most crimes, the ATO rarely took these courses of action. However from 1 July, the ATO will be providing either "education" or “rectification” directions along with fines for... More Information

  3. Last Minute Tax Savings Before 30 June

    Last Minute Tax Savings Before 30 June

    June 30 falls on a Monday this year, which given bank timings, really means that Friday 27th should be what you consider the deadline for this year…  If you’re keen on saving some tax just before the deadline, here’s some Super ways to do it! Pre-Tax Contributions (Personal Deductions and Salary Sacrificing) If cashflow permits, the most tax effective means... More Information

  4. What Tax Deductions can your SMSF Make?

    Whether or not expenses are deductible is largely about common sense.  If the investment is allowable under the Superannuation Industry Supervision (SIS) Act, or the cost is genuine in running your fund, then chances are, it is a deductible expense.  It’s actually as much about remembering to record such expenses so that you can make the claim. You can get... More Information