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  1. All Things Budget 2022

    Welcome to our latest newsletter, Budget Edition, in which we consider the main items in the budget handed down on 29 March 2022 that may impact our super clients. Extension of the temporary reduction in super minimum draw down rates The Government has extended the 50% reduction of the superannuation minimum drawdown requirements for account-based pensions and similar products for... More Information

  2. Divorce on the horizon?

    Aside from the emotional turmoil that a divorce brings to a family situation, there are an enormous range of financial issues to be worked through.  Here we breakdown the key issues from an SMSF perspective: 1. Despite the extent of breakdown in the marriage, the law is very explicit about the expectations of all Trustees to continue to “act in... More Information

  3. Don’t get hit with Super death taxes

    What happens after you go is often one of those things left for someone else to worry about.  But your adult kids won’t thank you for an unnecessary tax bill, so what can you do about it? A large portion of most people’s Super is considered “taxable” due to the fact that they or their employer have received a tax... More Information

  4. Real Money Lessons

    Real Money Lessons

    This idea came from Fred, who’s 75 going on 25 by the way! A career entrepreneur, his passion and energy isn’t slowing any time soon! Neither too are his ideas for leaving his family well prepared for the future, especially his grandchildren. Fred spent his lifetime building businesses, which like many people has had its fair share of boom and... More Information