LRBAs and related party leases: what you need to know

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LRBAs and related party leases: what you need to know
  1. Divorce on the horizon?

    Aside from the emotional turmoil that a divorce brings to a family situation, there are an enormous range of financial issues to be worked through.  Here we breakdown the key issues from an SMSF perspective: 1. Despite the extent of breakdown in the marriage, the law is very explicit about the expectations of all Trustees to continue to “act in... More Information

  2. What Tax Deductions can your SMSF Make?

    Whether or not expenses are deductible is largely about common sense.  If the investment is allowable under the Superannuation Industry Supervision (SIS) Act, or the cost is genuine in running your fund, then chances are, it is a deductible expense.  It’s actually as much about remembering to record such expenses so that you can make the claim. You can get... More Information

  3. SMSFs – who’s investing in what?

    Here’s the latest snapshot from the ATO (out quarterly) of what SMSF Trustees are doing with their money: 516,925 total number of SMSFs representing 986,441 trustees Controlling 31.5% of all Super assets (up from 10% just a  decade ago) at over $531b Average fund balance over $1m As at Sept 13, 77% of all SMSF assets in direct Australian Shares... More Information