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SMSF Members are Happy Little Vegemites

According to the latest Roy Morgan Research, SMSF Members are nearly 30% happier than their Retail Superannuation and Industry Fund counterparts.  Here’s why we think the “Satisfaction Rating” of 75.6% isn’t so surprising:

  • Control beats denial when it comes to feeling comfortable, even if the responsibility comes with some early uneasiness. And once Trustees are on their feet, they can tap into an amazing smorgasbord of tax, legal or investment expertise as and when they need it, each providing a learning opportunity along the way.
  • Despite returning 9.2% and 8.2% respectively for the 10 years to Dec 13*, the volatility of Australian and Global Shares have scared many investors off.  So the ability for investors with higher balances to diversify into direct property and even unlisted investments that they can see and touch is no doubt reassuring.
  • No-one likes paying tax!  And given any SMSF advice should come with some level of tax expertise, knowing just how much you’ve beaten the tax man by brings a smile to even the most blasé face.   In 2012, SMSFs as a collective paid NO tax, compared to the Retail and Industry funds who paid a total of $7.7 billion.

Tax paid to 2012

  • 58.2% of the $1m+ SMSF Members are aged over 55.  So chances are, most of them are already starting to see some of their hard earned cash filter out, even as a Transition to Retirement Strategy – Tax Free!

Super Fund Trustee Ages

  • Despite Super feeling like a black hole for many, for the 76.4% of SMSF Members who are earning over $200,000 pa, the sense of being able to “access their super”, if only for investments purposes prior to retirement, is a feeling that only an SMSF can buy.

SMSF Trustee Incomes

So what’s not to be happy about?  If your family or friends haven’t picked up on how much more effective an SMSF can be now and into the future, sign them up to Super Vision, an easy way to get practical guidance on how to make the most of your Super.

* ASX, Russell Investments.  All returns are net of costs 


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